Over 35 years of commercial
cleaning and facility management

With over 35 years of dedicated service, BoLAV stands as a beacon of excellence in facility management. From pristine general cleaning to bespoke maintenance programs, we specialize in delivering tailored solutions to address your individual needs.

Honesty • Tailored Approaches
Industry Vision • Certification

Keep Information Private

To keep our clients' businesses competitive, we uphold their integrity. Our dedication to confidentiality guarantees our partners' and clients' trust and confidence, establishing solid, enduring partnerships based on openness and professionalism.

Account Managers Dedicated
to your Maintenance Plan

Enjoy the benefit of having committed account managers manage your customized maintenance schedule, guaranteeing specialized assistance and efficient communication for the best outcomes.

Office planning
& Inventory Management

With our office planning and inventory management services, you can easily keep track of supplies and streamline your workplace setting.

Upholding Strict Standards with Our Committed, In-House-Trained, and vetted Team

Our team at Bolav is more than just employees; they're the heart and soul of our organization. With rigorous vetting, extensive training, and a commitment to excellence, our long-term staff bring expertise, loyalty, and professionalism to every project. Join us and be part of a family where dedication and integrity define our success.


Dedicated, in-house-trained, and vetted team.


Long-term employees are the cornerstone of our success.

Premier Cleaning Solutions: Your Trusted One-Stop Service Center

Discover the unparalleled commercial cleaning solutions offered by Services d’Entretien Bolav. We recognize the critical importance of cleanliness and hygiene across institutions, residential properties, commercial spaces, and industrial facilities. With our bespoke maintenance plans, we go beyond merely ensuring pristine appearances; we guarantee compliance with regulations and foster a healthy, safe environment for all occupants. Our approach, rooted in meticulous assessment, tailored protocols, comprehensive staff training, and a commitment to continuous improvement, consistently delivers exceptional results that exceed expectations. Experience the transformative power of our expertise and dedication as we elevate your space into one that is not only immaculate, but also inviting and conducive to productivity.

Emergency Cleaning and
Decontamination Services After Disaster

Swift Emergency Support

When a disaster strikes, swift action is crucial. Our emergency cleaning services specialize in restoring order and safety in the aftermath of calamities, from floods to fires. We deploy experienced professionals equipped with advanced tools to swiftly clean and sanitize affected areas, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to rapid response. Our dedicated team operates around the clock, poised to act instantly. With our rapid response team ready to mobilize at a moment's notice, clients in Montreal and surrounding areas can count on prompt assistance, minimizing damage, expediting the restoration process, and providing peace of mind in the face of adversity.

Years of continued service
Hours a day
Teams deployed within 45 minutes of incident notification

Emergency Assistance Services

Fire Debris Removal | Flood and Water Clean Up Services | High Winds, Vandalism, and Crime Scenes | Document Restoration | Decontamination | Disinfection | COVID-19


Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions

A Premier Source for Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions Catering to a diverse clientele spanning office spaces, institutions, and shopping malls, our seasoned team is adept at a myriad of services. From routine office maintenance to the meticulous clean-up of construction sites and swift restoration after disasters, we excel in every facet. Committed to unwavering excellence and meticulous attention to detail, we pledge to uphold immaculate standards in every space we touch. Bid farewell to the complexities of managing various cleaning services; we stand poised to simplify the process, guaranteeing that your environments remain consistently pristine and inviting.


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